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Prime Labs – 男士睾酮增强剂 – 天然耐力,耐力和力量增强剂 – 60 粒



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  • Prime Labs – 男士睾酮提升补充剂。
  • Made in USA
  • 优化体能:受低测试影响能量、力量和耐力的影响,这就是 Prime Test 是一种天然的测试助推器,能够恢复您的男子气概。
  • 塑造更强壮、更瘦的肌肉:天然提高测试水平的日常补充品,可以溶解腹部脂肪,同时获得更多的能量,创造苗条健康的肌肉。
  • [改善心情] Prime Test可以为您提供所需的耐力、自信和改善血液循环,让您无论在卧室还是卧室外都表现更好。
  • 健康天然配方:我们的配方只含有优质的天然成分,包括羊藿、东革阿里提取物、锯棕榈提取物和其他必需健康助推剂。
  • 美国制造: Prime Labs 产品经过高度测试,以确保质量和在美国开发。 这意味着您不仅获得最好的测试助推器,而且值得信任。

Specification: Prime Labs – 男士睾酮增强剂 – 天然耐力,耐力和力量增强剂 – 60 粒

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



4.17 x 1.93 x 1.93 cm, 3.53 盎司




Prime Labs

7 reviews for Prime Labs – 男士睾酮增强剂 – 天然耐力,耐力和力量增强剂 – 60 粒

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  1. Kindle Customer

    I am very pleased with the results I am seeing after taking just one bottle of the Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Booster. Though I have other health issues which may contribute, I have noticed a little more energy, particularly in the afternoons. The best thing is that there is a noticeable difference in my belly fat! I am down about ten pounds and clothes are fitting much better.
    UPDATE: I am finishing my third bottle and am down about 25 pounds…I am in my 60s and haven’t been at this weight since college. Even down one pant size!

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  2. BB

    I thought for quite a while about this review. How many stars ?- what to say? – even whether to leave a review at all. I decided to go ahead and do it this way. I realize there can be suspicion of ulterior motives when potentially receiving a product gratis for a review left. I decided I would proceed anyway, with the clear caveat that I would explain my thoughts honestly, regardless.
    Being of the age where testosterone levels begin their slow descent, I decided I would look into products like these. I know that actual injections work the best, but I wasn’t ready to go that route, so I looked for a natural way of trying to allow my own body to produce more.. I came across Prime Labs, and noticed it was an Amazon pick and because I happen to like Amazon a lot I decided to give it a try. I have used just about a full bottle, two caps a day for four weeks. What I can say is that I didn’t notice much for the first week or so, but at about two weeks in , I began to feel a subtle difference. I am aware of what testosterone feels like and I can say that this is the same TYPE of feeling, of course it’s not the same MAGNITUDE of feeling. I am a relatively advanced weightlifter/powerlifter, so strength gains no longer come easy, but I was quite pleased to be using ~5 or 10 pounds more on upper body lifts and ~10 or 15 pounds more on lower. That’s not world-beating progress, but at my age and from a high base, I was pretty happy with that. I didn’t change anything about my training or diet during the last month, so I think I have to attribute that to this supplement. Of course all the other things that come with having a bit higher testosterone happened as well – sense of well being, libido, more restful sleep, etc.
    So to wrap it up, this is how I would put it. I had fairly low expectations for this, but I came away from my first bottle feeling pleasantly surprised. My expectations were surpassed. The effects are subtle, but definitely there. I think if you are looking for something that has drastic powers, you will probably be disappointed. I am afraid that some of the reviewers may be painting a false picture of what a natural product can do. It isn’t magic and it isn’t a drug. To me, it made a noticeable difference. FWIW, I would/am going to/will continue to buy this even if I wasn’t given a bottle. I hesitate to give a 5 star review, because I think it suggests a perfect product, but I think the product is very good. Couple that with the owner who responds to emails on a timely basis, and really seems to care about his company, I think this is worth 4.5 or 5 stars..

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  3. GG

    My husband has been taking theses for about 2 years, and wow what a difference it has made.

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  4. ekoh

    Prime Test – Second Review

    I’m a male, 53, 6’3” and 181 lbs.
    My days begin around 2:30am and end in bed around 9:30pm. I work in construction every day and have 12 hours of physical training a week. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1984, I’m into natural and simple supplements, and the only medication I use once in blue moon is ibuprofen. Since I moved to New Jersey from Hawaii in 2017, I’ve noticed a drastic lowering of my stamina, and decided to try something different.

    In short:
    I’ve been using Prime for over 9 months now, and I’m down from two to one pill a day, at around 10am. I chew them and their taste is slight and short lasting.
    Body heat increase has maintained.
    Higher threshold to exercise related ‘pain’, maintained.
    Increase in will power and overall endurance, maintained.
    Less hunger, more thirst, maintained.
    Less joint pain / inflammation, maintained.
    I’ve always had a flawless sleep, so I cannot evaluate a possible improvement due to the Prime intake

    I am still very satisfied with this product, and continue to recommend it.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Was not expecting it, but this item helps me sleep through the night.

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  6. J. Ingles

    This product really works. My husband has been taking another supplement for years, which worked, but has been discontinued. I ordered two other supplements from other companies but they didn’t work. After reviewing the reviews for Prime Test, I decided to try one more time. I have to say that this product works even better than the original product my husband had been taking. He has a lot of energy and it helps with his depression. He is affectionate again and his libido is back. I highly recommend this product to men who need a little extra help. I’m so happy to have found a supplement that works. I hope this product is available for the long run because my husband really likes it and I totally notice the difference. Thanks!

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  7. Veli Defa

    I’ve been into hard workouts since I was 17, and I’m 26 years old right now. Was soooo skeptical about using this kind of a product because I believed i was young for it, was afraid for side effects, overall I wasn’t informed enough. After reading the reviews and browsing internet about the ingredients this product has, I’ve decided to give it a try and buy one bottle. BEST DECISION EVER! Why? I’ve never felt more alive and fresh! This product gives me such a nice boost of stamina, endurance, happiness I can’t find words to describe it. I feel stronger, faster, younger and always ready for any kind of action! Took me almost a week and a half to feel the difference. No more anxiety, depression, no hard time waking up in the morning, and I can easily pull up a 10 hour labor day + maximum workout at the end of the day. I love it! Sex drive and libido? They reach heavens!!! I never had better sex drive and my girl is absolutely amazed!! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has problems with lack of energy during the day, anxiety, who likes to workout and do max on every training, to the elderly gentlemen who would want to feel and do stuff like they were younger!! It also helps you with shaping your body and losing the extras which I can tell by just observing my body and not being on a specific diet. I’ve been using this product for 2 months, and hell yeah I’ll be getting the 3rd bottle as soon as I post this review.

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    Prime Labs – 男士睾酮增强剂 – 天然耐力,耐力和力量增强剂 – 60 粒
    Prime Labs – 男士睾酮增强剂 – 天然耐力,耐力和力量增强剂 – 60 粒


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